Student Temporary Jobs Advice


When you are a student, you will certainly be cash strapped, so the best way of making some serious money is to look for work in the holidays, whether at Christmas, the long summer vacation or even at times when companies are very short staffed, for example at half term.

Temporary jobs can also be good for your curriculum vitae. For example, if you are studying law, then why not try to get a job working in a legal practice. OK you may just be answering the phone, doing the photocopying etc but it shows that you are keen and willing to turn your hand to different types of work.

But your temporary job doesn’t have to be job related. You can try lots of different types of jobs to learn more about the kind of environment you fit into or you want to work in. You may learn more about yourself and what you are good at, or what you don’t like about being employed.

You can also use a temping position to get a reference. All you have to do is to be flexible, adaptable, work hard and make sure that you do whatever job to the best of your ability. Then you can ask your recruitment agency or the company itself for a reference. Since many people don’t have good references, this could make all the difference in the cut-throat world that is the field of employment currently.

So don’t look down your nose at temping jobs: they can assist and boost both your career and your curriculum vitae and along the way you may even meet people who are great company and who can teach you skills and equip you with experience that money simply cannot buy.