Job Seeker Resume – What A Job Seeker Must Know When Writing A Resume


A job seeker resume should speak for the applicant. Ideally, it must have the following information: personal information, a qualifications summary, employment history, educational background, a personal skills list and a list of character references.

Personal information comes first in every job seeker resume. This includes your name and your contact details. You must make sure that the information you give is true and accurate; it would not matter how qualified you are if the employers are unable to reach you. It is also important that you include a career objective, which sums up and strengthens your case for employment.

After this introduction, a job seeker resume must present information that links the applicant to the position he or she is applying for. In the qualifications summary, you must include all the relevant skills you possess, your affiliation to relevant organizations, and the awards and recognitions you have received that is again relevant to the position you are applying for. Next, you must include a summary of your work experiences, including the job title, the period during which you were employed and a job description. You should then include your educational background including the name of the institutions, the period of attendance in each institution, and the degrees, qualifications and awards you received.

After the objective information, you should include a list of your personal skills, which may not be priority requirement of the position you are applying for but which are still essential or basic skills. This includes technical as well as interpersonal skills. Finally, a list of character references will also be helpful. You should put in the names and contact details of at least two persons through which prospective employers may learn more about you. While employers initially look for technical qualifications, they also consider the character of any prospective employee and so it is essential to include such information in every job seeker resume.