How to Answer Interview Questions and Get That Job


So, you have that precious job interview and you are worried about how to answer interview questions.

Well first things first – I am sure you don’t need me to tell you to dress smart, have a shave – armpits especially for the ladies – and look your best.

None of that, though, will help, if you can’t string some sentences together when asked those usual questions that you know are coming.

So what is it that employers want? I can actually let you into a secret – they tell you! When you are ready for your interview, have you ever checked the job description? If not, then start now. The job description will often have not only what you will actually be doing, but the skills the employer is looking for in new recruits.

If your potential employer says they want skills x, y and z, then the interview is where you prove you have them.

So here is another tip as to how to answer interview questions. Just saying you are good at something is easy. You need to prove it. The way to do that is not scary – you don’t need diagrams, charts or presentations. You need examples of your achievements. If you can work these into your answers, then you are showing an employer you can do what they want and you have the skills they need.

An interview is not (usually) an evil person. Remember they really want to find someone who will be good for them and their business. They will want to give you an opportunity to show you are right for them. If you had no chance, they wouldn’t waste their time dragging you in there, so take that as positive to start with.

If you can answer the questions by proving you have the skills, then you have a good chance of getting the job. Take time with that extra research and it will reap rewards!